All the dishes served in our restaurant are available as a takeaway.
We will not compromise our high standards by reducing quality for customers who wish to eat at home.
Therefore a reduction of (20% on collection orders) applies to all the prices marked in this menu as you choose to take away your meal.

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These dishes are marinated in yoghurt with the appropriate herbs and spices and than cooked in a tandoor.
The process of cooking in this way seals in the goodness and imparts unique and very special flavour to the food
All these dishes are served on a hot sizzler plate and with Sauce and fresh salad.

Tandoori Charcoal Barbecues

21 Tandoori Fish £9.90
Fish marinated with delicate herbs and spices with green and red peppers, grilled in the tandoor.
22 Tandoori Chops £8.90
Spicy marinated lamb chops grilled in the tandoori oven and served with tomatoes, onions.
23 Murgh Lahori Kebab £8.90
Tender chicken pieces on the bone marinated in special herbs.
24 Shashlick Lahori £9.95
Pieces of chicken breast marinated in our special spices and barbecued with tomatoes, onions and peppers.
25 Seekh Kebab Mughlai £8.90
Minced fillet of lamb with spices and herbs barbecued on skewers.
26 Special Mixed Grill £11.00
Combination of tandoori dishes, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab, tandoori chicken and lamb chops.
27 Tandoori King Prawns £14.90
King prawns marinated in a special sauce with a hint of garlic.