Thornbury Hall

Thornbury Hall Rasoi À la carte Menu

5. Bhuna Chicken Puree£ 4.50
A fried style chapati topped with mildly spiced chicken pieces.
4. Chicken Tikka£ 3.95
Pieces of breast chicken marinated in a special mixture of spices and freshly grilled in the clay oven served with pepper and onions.
3. Garlic Chicken£ 4.50
Deliciously spiced pieces of chicken in Garlic special sauce.
2. Chicken Pakora£ 3.95
Deliciously spiced pieces of chicken breast in chickpea batter.
1. Meat Samosa£ 2.95
Crisp leaves of pastry filled with spiced minced meat mixed with fresh onions and coriander, deep fried.