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A la Carte Menu

A la Carte Menu

Pakistani food is prepared by blending the finest spices to produce endless variety of flavours.
Please do not hesitate to ask staff if there is a dish you would like to be produced for you of special likings.

Allergen information key listed at the bottom of page


All these dishes are served on a hot sizzler plate with an accompanying sauce and a fresh salad.

Meat Samosa + £4.50

Deep-fried traditional chapati filled with spiced minced lamb mixed peas and potatoes with fresh onions and coriander

Chicken Pakora £5.50

Deliciously spiced pieces of chicken breast in a garlic infused chickpea batter, deep-fried

Chicken Tikka * £5.50

A succulent breast of chicken marinated in a special mixture of spices and freshly grilled in our tandoor with peppers and onions

Bhuna Chicken Puri * + £5.95

A crispy, golden fried type of chapati topped with beautifully flavoured and well spiced chicken

Seekh Kebab £5.95

Minced lamb mixed with herbs and spices, wrapped on a skewer and cooked in our tandoor

Thornbury Kebab Special * £6.95

Large chunks of chicken tikka, lamb pieces and Seekh kebab cooked together with chickpeas to the chef's special recipe.

Fish Tikka £5.95

Koli fish marinated in a special mixture of spices and freshly grilled in our tandoor with garlic, black pepper and masala

Bhuna Prawn Puri + £6.50

A crispy, golden fried type of chapati topped with beautifully flavoured and well spiced king prawns

Grilled Jumbo Prawns * £9.95

Two pieces of our infamous Jumbo prawns delightfully marinated with olive oil, lime juice and spices, then grilled in our tandoor

Onion Bhaji Pakora (VG) £4.50

Crispy mix of onion and vegetables battered in chickpea flour and deep-fried

Aloo Tikka (VG) £4.50

Mashed potato cutlets, mildly spiced, battered and deep fried

Vegetable Samosa (V) + £4.50

Deep-fried traditional chapati filled with spiced mixed vegetables with fresh onions and coriander

Aloo Chana Puri (V) + £5.95

A crispy, golden fried type of chapati topped with beautifully flavoured and well spiced potatoes and chickpeas

Toor Daal Soup (VG) Favorite £4.95

Family favorite, especially the grandkids! Gujarati-style daal made with split pigeon peas, boiled until tender and flavored with spices.

Chilli Paneer (V) £6.50

Indo-Chinese style stir fry, pieces of deep fried paneer tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce, with onions and peppers.

Tandoor Grills

All these dishes are served on a hot sizzler plate with an accompanying sauce and a fresh salad.

Tandoori Fish £12.50

Koli fish cooked in a tandoori marinade of delicate herbs and spices, grilled with onions and green & red peppers. Medium.

Tandoori Chops * £12.50

Originating in Punjab, these sizzling, spicy marinated lamb chops are grilled with tomatoes and onions. Medium/Hot.

Shashlik Lahori * £11.50

Succulent pieces of chicken breast, marinated in our special spices and barbecued with tomatoes, onions and peppers in our tandoor. Mild.

Special Mixed Grill * £16.95

A mouth-watering array of tandoori dishes combining, chicken tikka, Seekh kebab, tandoori chicken and lamb chops. Medium.

Tandoori Jumbo Prawns * £19.90

Our famous Jumbo prawns marinated in a special blend of sauces and herbs with a dash of lemon juice and a hint of garlic, cooked in our tandoor. Medium.

Malai Tikka * £11.50

Grilled pieces of chicken breast marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and spices. Mild.


These dishes are traditionally cooked with mostly fresh spices and are served in a karhai. Best eaten with naan and your fingers.
Choice of Vegetables, Chicken or Lamb (+£1.00)

Thornbury Special £10.90

A Thornbury original combining a blend of flavourings with chunky peppers, tomatoes, onions and a hint of fresh apple. Medium.

Dhasi Salan £10.90

A home-cooked style curry with potatoes. A well spiced sauce containing tomatoes, onions and an abundance of garlic and ginger. Medium.

Thornbury Khatta-Meetha £10.90

A Thornbury take on a 'khatta' (sour) and 'meetha' (sweet) with a touch of heat. The flavours combine beautifully on the pallet. Medium.

Tikka Masala (N) * £10.50

Recognisable by its creamy, orange-coloured sauce. The Tikka Masala has pieces of chicken tikka cooked with the rich sauce. Mild.

Jalfrazi * £10.90

A truly unique Thornbury dish. Green chilli's are a fundamental ingredient along Thornbury spices. Very hot.

Korma (N) * £10.90

The Korma has a thick, creamy sauce. A sweeter curry with an abundance of flavour without having to worry about spice. Very Mild.

Saag Ghosht £10.99

A beautiful, fresh spinach dish combined with varied greens, Thornbury spices and peppers. Medium.

Bhuna £10.50

A classic. The bhuna has a thick, medium sauce blending a number of spices and wonderfully complimenting the meat. Medium.

Hydrabadhi £10.90

A chicken dish centred around tamarin and coconut with sesame seed. Mild/Medium.

Lahori Chaska Favourite £10.90

A house favourite. A Madras hot dish with an abundance of sauce comprised of Thornbury spices as well as lots of garlic and ginger and a touch of fresh lime. Hot.

Rogan Josh £10.90

A signature Kashmiri dish. Medium spicy with a famous rich garlic sauce. Medium.

Butter Chicken * £10.50

Chicken simmered in tomato, butter, almond and a slightly sweet creamy sauce

Choice of Vegetables +£1.00

Chicken or Lamb


Jinga Saag £12.90

Prawns or Fish cooked with different greens combined with spinach with a touch of ginger, garlic & with crushed peppercorns. Medium.

Maschlee Bujun New £12.90

A dish boasting in garlic, ginger and a touch of cream and our Thornbury blend of spices. Medium. Prawn or Koli Fish

House Specials

Available as small or large plates. All dishes are cooked to a medium spice, if you prefer it to be milder or slightly spicer please let your server know.

Podinee Ghosht £11.50

Succulent lamb cooked in a rich sauce with a burst of fresh mint and Thornbury masala, mildly spiced with fresh herbs. Medium.

Pasanda (N) * £10.90

Thin, succulent fillets of chicken marinated in a thick, mild sauce flavoured uniquely by yoghurt, almonds and coconut. Mild.

Karhai Salmon Spice £11.90

A pan fried salmon and coated in a marinade of rich spices including fennel, honey & olive oil coriander and a hint of garlic. Mild.

Jinga Changezi * £19.90

Our unique barbecued shell less jumbo prawns are big and juicy and come cooked in a combination of special sauces. Medium Hot.

Lamb Kofta# £11.99

Spiced lamb meatball dish with a thick tomato curry sauce.

Sabzi Khor (VG) £10.50

Chunks of soya cooked with sweet potato and peas. Mild.

Murghi Dahi * £10.90

Chicken cooked in a rich yogurt sauce and tomatoes. Medium.

Thornbury E- Bahar (N) * £14.90

A unique dish of Basmati rice cooked with chicken, lamb, chickpeas, prawns and topped with an omelette - served with a delicious vegetable sauce. Medium.


The accompaniments to a meal - an Eastern host prides themselves on the variety of dishes on their table.

Saag Aloo Chana (VG) Small £4.90 - Large £8.90

A mixture of spinach, potatoes and chickpeas cooked with special spices, coriander and tomatoes as well as ginger, garlic. Medium.

Thornbury Vegetables (VG) Small £4.90 Large £8.90

A variety of fresh vegetables cooked beautifully together in our Thornbury special spices. Medium.

Sabzi Nariyal (V)* Small £4.90 Large £8.90

Fresh vegetables cooked in a mild coconut sauce

Tarka Daal (VG) Small £4.90 Large £8.90

Highly nutritious a landmark dish, classic, combination of five lentils cooked in fried garlic and spices with a hint of cumin and mustard seeds - garnished with fresh coriander. Medium.

Mattar Paneer (V) Small £5.90 Large £9.99

Mildly spiced Indian cheese (paneer) and peas (mattar) cooked with fresh tomatoes and Thornbury spices. Medium.

Saag Paneer (V) Small £5.90 Large £9.99

A wonderful combination of well spiced spinach and Indian cheese

Aloo Gobi (VG) Small £4.90 Large £8.90

Potatoes and fresh cauliflower cooked with onions.

Saag Aloo (VG) Small £4.90 Large £8.90

Delicious combination of well spiced spinach and spiced potatoes

Side Dishes

Raita (V) £3.50

A must with your meal. A blend of natural yoghurt with onions, cucumber and tomato seasoned with salt and pepper

Chips (VG) £3.90

Delicious, Thornbury chunky chips

Aloo Jeerawalla (VG) £5.50

Thornbury Bombay potatoes. A fragrant, spiced potato dish which is always a great accompaniment to the meal

Rice Dishes

Pulao (VG) £4.20

Basmati rice cooked in our Thornbury stock with golden fried onions

Mushroom Pulao (VG) £4.90

Pulao rice cooked with mushrooms and golden fried onions

Vegetable Pulao (VG) £4.90

Pulao rice cooked with an assortment of vegetables

Egg Rice # (V) £4.50

Basmati rice fried with eggs and peas

Plain Rice (VG) £3.50

Plain Basmati white boiled rice

Keema Rice £5.50

Stir fried lamb mince with pulao rice


Plain Naan #*+ (V) £2.50

Traditional tandoor baked flatbread brushed with butter

Keema Naan #*+ £4.50

Filled with mincemeat and cooked in our tandoor

Garlic Naan #*+ (V) £3.50

Filled with fresh garlic

Peshwari Naan #*+ (V) £3.50

Filled with minced coconut, raisins and nuts

Cheese Naan #*+ (V) £3.50

Filled with cheddar cheese

Thornbury Special Naan #*+ (V) £4.50

Filled with cheddar cheese, garlic and chilli flakes

Paratha #*+ (V) £3.10

A layered, buttered whole-wheat dough cooked on a hot plate. Naughty but nice

Tandoori Roti + (V) £2.00

Whole-wheat flour dough with water baked in the tandoor

Chapatti + (V) £2.00

Whole-wheat dough baked on our hot plate

Poppadum's *+ (VG) £1.50

Flat, thin and crispy with a crunchy texture

Children's Meals

All Asian meals are served with plain rice or chips. English meals are served with chips, baked beans or garden peas. All meals are served with a soft drink or juice.

Chicken Tikka Masala & Rice * (N) £5.90

Our sweet, famous chicken curry. Mild. Served with rice

Chicken Korma & Rice * (N) £5.90

Our mild, creamy chicken Korma. Served with rice

Chicken Bhuna & Rice £5.90

The delicious kids version of our chicken Bhuna. Served with rice

Chicken Nuggets Chips +* £5.50

Choice of baked beans or peas

Fish Fingers and Chips +* £5.50

Choice of baked beans or peas

Daal Bowl (VG) £4.99

English Meals


Prawn Cocktail* £5.50

Peeled prawns on a bed of mixed salad leaves, topped with a delicious seafood dressing

Tomato Soup (V)* £4.50

Our house tomato soup with fresh coriander and a hint of garlic, served piping hot with plain naan

Breaded Brollies (V)#+ £4.50

Golden, deep-fried mushrooms in a breadcrumb coating with a hint of different spices and a garlic mayonnaise dip

Main Courses

All main meals are served with salad and chips

Chicken Steak £10.99

Chicken breast, grilled and served with an assortment of vegetables and gravy

Scampi + £7.99

Our delicious breaded and deep fried scampi, served with lemon wedge

Battered Fish + * £9.50

A juicy cod steak coated in light batter, deep fried until crisp golden brown.

Thornbury Vegan Burger + (VG) £9.50

Our very own vegan burger, made with potatoes, red lentils with a special smoked paprika and coconut sauce. Served in a bun.

(V) Vegetarian | (VG) Vegan | (N) Contains Nuts | * Contains Dairy | # Contains Egg | + Contains Wheat
All dishes may contain nut traces. For allergy and intolerance information, please refer to our allergen sheet. If you have any additional enquiries, please speak to a manager. Most of our dishes are Gluten Free please ask.