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Grade II Listed

Georgian Mansion

The listed building survey of Cheadle, lists Thornbury Hall as Grade II with an Elizabethan wing at 1650 and a Georgian mansion of at 1750, but an entry in the Visitation book for 1620 records Johannes Thornbury and family as residents of a hall.

During the 18th century we have no residents list, but in 1834 the hall was occupied by a Charles Fowler, he was a farmer.

Georgian Mansion

In May 1853 a Mr Godfrey Johnson held it, a conveyance dated 26th March 1866, (The devisees in trust of the late Godfrey Johnson) sold Thornbury Hall, a capital dwelling house, coach houses, barns, stables, cow houses, yards, gardens, plantations extending with land estimated in 66 acres or thereabouts to William Shepherd Allen esquire.

WM Allen, in 1849 purchased an adjoining property Woodhead Hall, “with some acreage of lana.” In 1912 Thornbury Hall was still owned by the Allen family. WM Shepherd Allen resided at Thornbury Hall until the death of his father, WM Allen on 31st March 1871. WM Shepherd Allen (member of Parliament for Newcastle under Lyme) then had the old Woodhead Hall demolished and the present hall erected. He took occupation of the new hall in 1873 and his wife Elizabeth Penelope, invited her parents to reside at Thornbury Hall. Her father was John Candlish, member of Parliament for Sunderland 1866 – 74. Mr Candlish died on 17th March 1874 and his widow Elizabeth continued to live at Thornbury Hall.

In 1912 Thornbury Hall was rented out to a member of the Wedgewood family.

In the early 1920’s the hall was occupied by a Mr H.C. Anstey, he was an engineer, he and his family remained at Thornbury Hall until the 2nd World War. During the war, the hall was used for accommodation for Air Ministry personnel, serving at Woodhead Hall.

With the sale by the Allen family of the Woodhead estates Thornbury was also offered for sale with 7 acres of ground. In the past 30 years the hall has had several owners, one separated the hall from the Coach House. The then Archdeacon of Stoke-on-Trent was a resident at the hall from 1968 – 1975 and of recent times the hall was used as a residential home.

The Thornbury Group

The 1990’s sees another use for Thornbury Hall when in 1990 Mohammed and Parveen Siddique restored the Thornbury Hall house from near ruin, and converted it into what is now recognised as one of the finest restaurants specialising in Pakistani cuisine.

The elegance of the house lends itself perfectly to the exotic eastern décor; historic artefacts, sparkling crystal chandeliers, and pictures of the ancient Mogul Empire.

The Thornbury Group

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