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Even if you're not a great chef, there's nothing to stop you understanding the difference between what tastes good and what doesn't.
All Favourite Karahi's House Specials Starters Tandoor Grills

Meat Samosa

Deep-fried traditional chapati filled with spiced minced lamb mixed peas and potatoes with fresh onions and coriander

Chicken Pakora

Deliciously spiced pieces of chicken breast in a garlic infused chickpea batter, deep-fired

Chicken Tikka

A succulent breast of chicken marinated in a special mixture of spices and freshly grilled in our tandoor with peppers and onions

Tandoori Fish

Koli fish cooked in a tandoori marinade of delicate herbs and spiced, grilled with onions and green & red peppers, Medium

Tandoori Chops

Originated in Punjab, these sizzling, spicy marinated lamb chops are grilled with tomatoes and onions. Medium.Hot

Shashlik Lahori

Succulent pieces of chicken breast, marinated in our social spices and barbecued with tomatoes, onions and peppers in out tandoori, Mild

Thornbury Special

A Thornbury original combining a blend of flavouring with chunky peppers, tomatoes, onions and a hint of fresh apple. Medium

Dhasi Salan

A home-cooked style curry with potatoes, A well spiced sauce containing tomatoes, onions and an abundance of garlic and ginger. Medium